About Aasia Chaudhry

Sales Representative


Hello there!

I am so happy you came by. I hope we can work together in selling your home or buying your new home or any other investment needs that you may have.

I have been passionate about real estate for many years and have been involved in real estate investing for over a decade and decided that I need to take it on as a full-time career. I am a small-town girl now living in the beautiful boisterous city-life who has always loved being with people, working with people, helping people and now with real estate I can do just that - work hard to take care of my clients and do it as I absolutely love what I am doing. I am a relatable, down to earth, dedicated, hard working professional, who is genuine, authentic and sincere "people person" who has a passion to foster and develop relationships.

Your home is one of the biggest investments in your life and I will help you find the perfect place or sell your property for the best market price to put you on top of your investment. Not only do I want to provide you with exceptional service but I want to make the experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. You may be looking for a house, but it’s better to live in a Home. Home Sweet Home. A house is simply a structure, but your Home is a safe, fun and enjoyable place for you. Call me to help you find your home, home sweet home. Thank you for visiting and I hope to hear from you soon!

Sincerest Wishes,

Aasia Chaudhry